The Theives Vinegar an Immunity Booster

The butter of the theivesThe legend of the four or maybe five thieves is somewhat of a mystery but the retelling of the legend continues throughout time. I will only give a short recount of the story, which is why I call it the Legend of the four or five thieves. All legends are based in a fact but of course over the years and the retelling of the legend, some of the facts get lost or change to make for a better story or a greater lesson to be learned.

The legend begins with the time of the bubonic plague and an unusual rash of burglaries of the dead and dying victims of the plague. The authorities originally thought the thieves would be hoisted by the plague, otherwise being caught by succumbing to the plague, but their burglaries continued for more than a year.

At this point it would be more important to catch the thieves and find out how they had immunity to the bubonic plague. First understand the plague was transmitted fleas by way of rats. This gives rise to a possible bacterial disease but even today the arguments continue as to whether the bubonic plague also know as The Black Death, was viral or bacterial.

Well once the perpetrators were caught, leniency was given only after divulging the method by which they were able to avoid the plague and transmitting of the plague to relatives and associates. The men had different professions, they were perfumers and spice traders.

They gave up the recipe for their vinegar and were hung instead of being burned at the stake.

Onto the vinegar and how this is part of our natural product line. The vinegar was a mixture of lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and clove. Our proprietary blend varies slightly and has added ingredients which are also anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal.

Unlike the thieves our remedy is only topical; please do not consume the products although they smell great. The vinegar they made with the essential oils and spices was consumed before going to the infected area of the bubonic plague. They also wore it as a perfume, spraying themselves before entering and after exiting the infected areas. While doing their regular business they would also occasionally spray their bodies with the mixture throughout the day; it does smell great and I’m pretty sure friends, relatives, and associates were either given or purchased the perfume. Watch, learn and enjoy the videos. We are not affiliated with the people or companies which made the videos but we did think they are worth the time to watch.




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